Informations about these abc's

This file contains all tunes from the "Tanzsammlung Dahlhoff" (, that ist inventory number Mus. ms. 40182 in the Staatsbilbliothek zu Berlin, Unter den Linden 8.

The aim is a complet abc-text close to the source, showing the same errors, but only thouse.

The basis are some hundred direct transcriptions to abc by Thomas Behr, Jan Kristof Schliep and Simon Wascher but mainly transcriptions to Capella by Richmud Rollenbeck that were converted to musicXML by Jørgen Lang and from there to abc using musicxml2abc.

The next step was matching the text against the scans to clear conversion effects and potential transcription errors. This matching all in all took about three weeks.

The order of the melodies in this file follows the PDF files of the scan, but this is probably not the intended order by the authors in the 18th century. Some books were started from both sides of the book cover, and especially book 3 probably has the library label on the wrong side. The probably intended first page of the core stating that this book contains "Basso" voices (book 1 & 2 stating "Violino Primo" and "Violino Secondo") is on the back.

To take this in account the numbering in the X: header field aims to follow an reconstructed intentional order.

Additionally the first T: header field contains an ID that is taken from the first occurrence of the melody (or related voices) in the "Tanzsammlung Dahlhoff". The numbering used here is <book>-<page><position on page> using the first entry's number as a kind of id.

By using an abc-viewers ability of sorting the abc-files one can therefore look at the melodies in all three orders, sorting by order in file (PDF), T: header (first entry), or X: header (intentional order).

The number used in the X: header is set up the following:

* Digit 1 and 2 = the number of the book, 11 stands for the folder

* Digit 3 represents where the book is opened: 1 stands for opening it on the front (recto), 2 for the back (verso), 0 for the backside that probably was intended as front, so that when sorting by X: header the intended front side comes before the labeled front side.

* Digit 4 to 6 generally count the pages in the book. Book 4 shows a folio count, so consecutive numbers on the right hand side, no page number on the left pages. To coop with this here digit 4 and 5 represent these numbers on the right hand pages, digit 6 is either 1 for recto, or 2 for verso.

* The last digit stands for the position of the melody on the page, starting from the top using 1.

Generally it is not sure if the ten books and one folder represent a form and order intended by the 18th century users. The book binding definitely was done already in the library, and weather it corresponds with or reflects any intentions of any of the 18th century owners is unknown.